Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited is committed to providing the next generation of technological advances in transmitting energy through Radio Frequency.

Wireless technology, a future we believe in where you will be able to charge your personal electronic devices with ease.

Traditional Wireless Charging Technology
Wireless charging (also known as inductive charging) is based on using electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between two sources through what is known as an electromagnetic induction; this is commonly done through a charging station.

The energy is transmitted that an inductive electrical device, which can use that transfer of energy to give positive, charges to batteries or even run the device.

However, this method only works in close proximity, therefore defeating the purpose of ‘real wireless charging.

Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited Technology
Our pioneering technological breakthrough in wireless via Radio Frequency charging will shape the future of how we interact with our electronic devices. We are developing the technology to live in a world without the need for routed power starting with smaller electronic devices building up to larger power sources.

The Future of Wireless Technology
Radio frequency wireless charging differs from magnetic induction first and foremost by the physical characteristics of each technology. Inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field generated by a coil. This coil has physical limitations in size and shape in order for effective wireless charging to take place. Meaning, it can only be integrated into large, flat devices that have the empty real-estate to integrate a coil, such as a possibly a smartphone. RF, on the other hand, has a receiver based on electronic circuitry.

Studies have shown that there is no health risk; the prolonged exposure using our technology directly does not cause health risks.

With our revolutionary patents, we have created a product that emits power through a radio frequency that will cease once an object obstructs its target. Exposure to the human skin will not cause harm or damage to the human skin, we have ensured to meet all the requirements of the FDA and respecting regulatory international bodies.