About Us
Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited is a private technology company based in China, providing pioneering technology that provides wireless charging systems that are designed to allow safe charging into multiple devices via ultrasonic waves.

Established in 2009 the company was formed originally from a Chinese academic student team from Tsinghua University, which then grew into the foundation of the company.

In 2016 Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited received a large source of funding from various different venture capital and private equity companies totalling $18 million U.S Dollars.

Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited is committed to its research and development of enabling consumers to charge their mobile cellular devices through groundbreaking ultrasonic waves.

Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited intend start production meet their wholesale and retail requirements in 2018 and expand their research and development into using their technology with other electronic devices.

At Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited we have a joint passion to provide technological advances in our daily lives that will shape the future; we are consistently on the look out for key individuals to join our growing team that share the same desire to change our daily lives and world around us.

We provide a high quality-working environment with some of the most talented and dedicated individuals striving towards a bright technological future.

Please provide your most recent Resume/CV attached with a covering letter expressing your interest to work at Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited and why you feel you would be a benefit to our expanding team: [email protected]